Superseded and B-Stock

What is Superseded and B-Stock?

Superseded: timbers and designs we no longer intend to stock. They are perfectly good – we just want to clear them out to make way for something else.

B-Stock: as timber is a very variable material, we often get pieces with imperfections, major and minor. We discard all pieces that are cracked or have major defects, pieces with minor defects we classify as B-Stock. These may be slight knots or slight dents and scratches, so still good, but not good enough to sell at full price. Because they're all different, we can’t photograph each one or be super specific about why they are B Stock, but they are all minor.

All B-Stock works perfectly well and is covered by our full warranty, but we don’t accept returns for cosmetic issues.  


What we have as Superseded and B-Stock will vary from time to time, and when it's gone, it's gone.